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We have been involved in the design and integration of VSD solutions for Positioning, Speed, and Torque applications. No matter what brand or model, we can help you to get the best benefits of your inverter using our experience and skills to produce reliable and functional solutions. We can engineer standalone as well as fully integrated VSD systems. Some recent projects are: 

  • Position control via 4-20ma loop using Siemens Micro Master VSDs, S7 PLC, High-Speed counter cards, and encoders

  • Position control using proximity switches. Standalone PDL VSDs, not PLC required

  • Conveyor speed control using SEW Movitrac VSDs. Set point and controls over Profibus-DP. More than 60 VSDs in one network

  • Torque control using ABB VSDs on a mixing tank. Stand alone, not PLC required

  • Positioning with DC breaking for heavy trolley system. Using Micro Master VSDs on Profibus-DP

  • Pressure control, using 4-20ma pressure sensor, S7 PLC, Omron Sysdrives, and cascade PID loops.

  • Flow control, using ABB flow meters, Siemens S7 PLC, PID loops, and Toshiba VSDs for a water treatment plant.

  • Level control, using SEW Movitrac VSDs, PID loops, and a S7 PLC


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