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Example of Sequential Function Chart (Graph) programming

Example of Ladder Logic programming

Example of Function Blocks programming

Example of Statement List programming

GEM80 Img1

GEM80 Img2

GEM80 Img3

AB_SLC500 Img1

AB_SLC500 Img2


Siemens S7-318

Siemens S7-315-2DP

Siemens S7-318 with Ethernet port

Siemens S5-135

Siemens S5-135

Siemens S5-135

Omron I/O

Omron PLC

Omron C200HE CPU

Modbus Ports

Modicon Quantum PLC

Modicon Quantum PLC

Our Systems Engineering team have extensive working experience of every significant PLC product. This knowledge allows us to work confidently with each client's existing PLCs , in addition to installing completely new systems.

We can program complex sequences using Graph7 (see 1st image for details). Graph7 is one of the most useful productivity tools you can imagine. Programming sequences is very simple and clear. Troubleshooting problems on your sequential process is more effective for both the programming engineers and the electrical maintenance people. Process flow charts can be quickly converted into Graph7 language (because a Graph7 program is a flow Chart).


Some of the software we use to program PLC are:


Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 : Step7 with the add-on packages for Sequential Function Chart, PDiag (for real time diagnostics), Teleservice, PID self tuner, PLC SIM (For offline program simulation), Proagent, SCL, Hi-Graph.

Siemens S7-200: MicroWin32

Omron : Syswin, and CX Programmer

Allen Bradley: RS Logic 500

Modicon: Proworx, Proworx32, Concept

Mitsubishi: Medoc

Koyo: DirectSoft32

TEXAS: Tisoft

Siemens S5: Step5 V7.0

GEM80: Gemesys

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