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Field BUS

Field Bus

Profibus DP    

S7-318-2DP with Profibus-DP

Simocode with Profibus-DP

We can design, integrate, commission, and maintain Profibus-DP networks. Profibus-DP supports both analog and discrete Inputs/Outputs. Profibus-DP is specially designed for items such as: remote I/O, motor control centers, and variable speed drives. Profibus-DP supports up to 126 slave devices per master, and communicates at speeds from 9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps over distances from 100 to 1,200 meters.

 Some advantages of using Profibus-DP are:


  • Worldwide acceptance, with over 1,100 member companies.

  • Big reduction on equipment installation costs: less wiring connections, less labour intensive installation, less points of failure, smaller cabinets and space require as less terminal blocks are required, less and simpler electrical drawings.

  • Very easy to expand or modify

  • Cost effective network support at the device level and now at Ethernet levels using Profinet (Profibus over Ethernet)

  • Interfaces are available for variable speed drive and motor control center (MCC) applications

  • Profibus-DP is available for most PLC, DCS and computer systems

  • Communication cards available to support lower cost Sensor Bus networks, especially ASI Bus

  • More than 2,000 products available

  • There are intelligent field devices such as Simocodes which can operate as slaves and also autonomously allowing critical processes to continue even if the PLC Fails.






AS-i is a better way to connect discrete/ digital field devices to the control PLC. Each ASI master can have up to 62 Slaves with  a total of up to 434 digital Inputs and Outputs per master. We have a solid practical knowledge on the integration and commissioning of ASI-Bus (AS-interface) equipment. We have been part of several projects and feasibility studies for both ASI-Bus and ASI-Safe.

Some applications (to get your mind going) are:


  • Moving platforms with onboard actuators and sensors. The number of cables to be installed in the energy chain can be reduced to the High voltage supply and the ASI-Bus cable (for up to 434 I/O)

  • Small Motor control boxes (1 or 2 starters per box). The AS-i I/O can be installed inside each box and the AS-i cable can run from box to box collecting all inputs and outputs.

  • Equipment required to be frequently relocated. ASI-Bus makes moving parts of system very Easy. AS-i I/O modules can be quickly clipped and unclipped to uninstall-move-reinstall your equipment.

  Industrial Ethernet    

We can engineer modular or integrated Ethernet solutions to give our clients a complete overview of their Plants. We have experience using OPC, SQL, and DDE to collect data from PLCs and distribute it to the office and laboratory levels.  Simple low cost applications such as reading production figures on MS-Excel may not require you to buy any additional software or licenses. No PLC is too old to have Ethernet connectivity.  Need more info? Contact us


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